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Because time is money

At Finloc 2000 Inc., our speed and efficiency make all the difference.

With us, credit requests are approved within a maximum of 24 hours. Plus, our administrative fees for opening a file and recording a transaction are minimal.

Our method? Personalized installments based on the type of equipment you choose. This approach lets you enjoy significant savings on interest and refinance equipment according to your available equity.

The floating interest rate is also adjusted on a monthly basis. Also, your installments can be made on a monthly or weekly basis.

Financial solutions adapted to your reality

Our experienced team offers three types of financing: leases (operating leases with or without purchasing option or capital leases), installment sales contracts, and chattel mortgages on equipment.

Leasing - Capital lease

Leasing is a form of financing that lets you acquire your equipment with very little money down since the transaction only requires a very low lease payment. This method allows Finloc 2000 Inc. to acquire equipment in order to lease it for a predetermined period for a set fee.

At the end of that period, you have two options: you can exercise the purchase option and acquire the equipment or you can extend the contract. Our clients usually choose to extend the contract and exercise their purchase option for a symbolic amount at the end of the extension period.

Advantages of a capital lease

  • Preserve cash flow
  • Reduce net after-tax cost
  • 100% financing
  • Deductible lease payments
  • Flexible terms
  • Fixed rate or floating rate, adjustable on a monthly basis
  • Sales tax applicable on lease payments only

Leasing - Operating lease

An operating lease is a form of financing that lets customers expense lease payments made by the entity using the equipment. Once the lease period has expired, the customer can:

  • Acquire the equipment at its fair market value
  • Extend the lease
  • Return the equipment

Advantages of an operating lease

  • Expense lease payment
  • No capitalization on customer’s balance sheet
  • Protects debt-to-equity ratio
  • Option but no obligation to buy at end of contract
  • Cash out reduced to a minimum
  • Sales tax applicable on lease payments only

Installment sales contracts

An installment sales contract is a form of financing that is similar to that provided by a traditional bank. During the financing period, you enjoy the same benefits as those conferred by property rights.

Advantages of an installment sales contract

  • Does not affect bank lines of credit
  • Diversifies sources of funds

Chattel mortgage on equipment

If you already own equipment free of encumbrances or charges, this type of financing is useful for improving your working capital, paying a deposit, or guarantee a lease or loan for the acquisition of new equipment.

Advantages of a chattel mortgage on equipment

  • Helps you obtain cash quickly
  • Serves as a guarantee on a lease or loan when financing is difficult to obtain

Interested in our Manac, Camions Gilbert, Garage H. LS Bégin or R.P.M Tech equipment financing services? Our consultants will be happy to help you find the best financing solution to meet your needs! Contact us!

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